Ioannis Dragonas, President of the TEI Ionian Islands


Professor Ioannis Dragonas teaches at the Department of Informatics at the Technological Educational Institute (TEI) of Athens. He is holder of a Bachelor’s Degree in Informatics received from the University of Paris 6, Pierre et Marie Curie. He holds a Master’s Degree in Telematics and Organization received from the University of Brussels (ULB). Ioannis Dragonas continued his studies in Paris where he received his Phd in Intelligent Collaborative Information Systems from the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Limoges (UNILIM).

In the recent past, he has worked as an analyst-programmer director for the computer center of the Factory in the Army Base, also in Sofragem Hellas – France and lastly at the National Statistical Service. Ioannis Dragonas has also worked in the IT Development Service, in the Ministry of the Presidency as an expert in topics such as Information Systems and Computers. In 1998, he was elected Professor of Informatics at the TEI of Athens.

In April 2010, Ioannis Dragonas was appointed Vice President of the Technological Educational Institute of Ionian Islands. Since June 2014, he has undertaken the Presidency of the Institute.

His research papers have been published in prominent international scientific journals and conferences while his research inquiries include the sectors of Intelligent Cooperative Systems, Networks as well as Declarative Modeling Scenes. Ioannis Dragonas also cooperates with the research team under the subject of ‘Modélisation et Infographie Intelligente’ of the XLIM laboratory of the University in Limoges.