Educational actions for the development, promotion and quality assurance of local products and services of Ionian Islands

The objective is to contribute to the mitigation of the disadvantages of insularity through lifelong learning programs for a better promotion and use of local goods, at both agricultural products and tourism services. In this context, a research will take place in cooperation with local agencies and individuals to highlight the particular problems that occur during the production and promotion of local products. Also, to the people interested selected courses will be delivered in the form of seminars by experienced teaching personnel with emphasis on marketing and use of information technology in commerce, aiming to the advertising and greater awareness of the local products. Enterprise awards will be given to local entrepreneurs and producers who will implement successfully the taught practices.

Affiliated Departments – Institutes

TEI of Ionian Islands: Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications, Department of Environmental Technology and Ecology, Department of Applications of Information Technology in Administration and Economy, Department of Organic Farming and Food Technology

TEI of Athens: Department of Food Technology, Department of Oenology and Beverage Technology

Agricultural University of Athens: Department of Crop Science – Laboratory of Agricultural Pharmacology

University of Ioannina: Department of Economics