Employment and Career Center

Employment & Career Center (D.A.ST.A.)
The Employment and Career Center (D.A.ST.A.) is for TEI Ionian Islands a single organization, coordination, administration, development and implementation of networking and connectivity activities of the Institute with the labor market, the accredited employment promotion and with other institutes.

DASTA aims to improve the effectiveness through maximizing the cooperation and exploiting scale economies and through saving resources, assuming the coordination of the project and the activities of the Liaison Office, the Office of Training and the Practice Unit innovation and Entrepreneurship. Despite the autonomous administrative organization and operation of each office and unit respectively, DASTA provides a general overview.

Objectives of DASTA operation
DASTA as the coordinating body of the units “Liaison Offices”, “Internship” and “Unit for the Promotion of Innovation and Entrepreneurship” of TEI Ionian Islands aims to link and familiarize students with the world of production process in order to improve the career prospects of graduates in the labor market. That is to say, the main goal is to offer students, in an organized way, the possibility of acquaintance with the environment of their future career and acquire specialized knowledge and skills that will enable them to compete on better terms with their position in the professional arena.

Specifically, the objectives of the innovative structure are to:
•    Share the partial units (DASTA, DG, AUA, JPC).
•    Develop an Integrated Information System (MIS) and a Site for information and service users remotely.
•    Identify the needs and requirements of users of these structures and continuously update and provide the appropriate information based on these needs.

For Students – Graduates:
-    The connection centers (DASTA, DG, AUA, JPC) facilitate the searching and finding of the desired perspective of the students who they search only within the coordinating center DASTA.
-    Time and resources saving is achieved so that they have access to information through the development of networking and interlinking mechanisms between companies and graduates of the Institute.
-    Continuous and valid information is provided for the undergraduate students as well as for graduates who are in the process of finding work.

For TEI Ionian Islands:
-    Meeting goals of the Institute in connection with the absorption of graduates in the labor market.
-    Feedback of the educational planning and process of the labor market demands and the desires and prospects of its graduates.
-    Strengthen the presence and role of the Institute in the local community and attempt to find employment for students and graduates.