Call for Participation for the Summer School on Dynamics & Management of the Mediterranean Marine Environment

TEI of Ionian Islands with the co-financing of the European Social Fund and the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs, Culture and Sports will implement at the Prefecture of Cephalonia and under the Act “Promotion of the TEI of Ionian Islands as an International Pole of Education and Innovation” the following program of Summer School, therefore it proceeds to the publication of the call for participation for prospective interested trainees.

The Summer School’s main purpose is to introduce participants to the subjects of dynamic processes in the marine (oceanographic) and atmospheric environment of the Mediterranean basin and their biological effects by emphasizing the dynamic effects of the last 4 decades and to the marine environment management of the Mediterranean (especially of the coastal areas) based on the protection of biodiversity and sustainable development. For this reason, the Summer School offers the following two main specializations:

  1. Dynamics of the Mediterranean area (of oceanographic and atmospheric perspective) and its effects on biodiversity and the quality of the marine environment.
  2. Management Method of anthropogenic impacts on the marine environment (with emphasis on coastal areas).

  • The program is addressed to:
  1. Graduates and Postgraduates with a background of Science and Engineering.
  2. Educators of secondary and higher education with specializations related to Science, Engineering, Environment, Biodiversity.
  3. Students with a relevant scientific object.
  4. Employees and managers of services and institutions related to the marine environment, design and management.
  5. Entrepreneurs from the area of tourism coastal zones, marine craft, marine transport and fishing, with similar background knowledge.

  • A prerequisite to participate in the program is that the candidates:
  1. Have an academic or professional knowledge in the following broad subject areas: Physics, Engineering, Chemistry, Biology, Environment, Marine Sciences, Marine Applied Mathematics.

  • Participants will be given a gross allowance of 4.00 € for every hour of training (total gross amount: 260,00 € per person). They are not entitled to receive financial aid those who attended the summer school cycles of 2011 and 2012 and received the relevant training allowance and those involved in other activities of the program "Promotion of the TEI of Ionian Islands as an International Pole of Education and Innovation".

  • The total duration of the Summer School will be two (2) weeks and six (6) hours per day.

  • The total number of training hours of the Summer School is 65 hours, divided into 11 days in accordance with the timetable.

  • Right for absence: 6 hours (10% of the monitoring hours).

  • Procedure and criteria for selection

The selection criteria are:

  1. The relevance of the training subject to the object of study and / or work
  2. The work experience
  3. Those who attended the summer school 2011 and 2012 and received the relevant training allowance are not entitled to apply. They are either entitled those involved in actions of the program "Promotion of Technological Educational Institute of Ionian Islands as an International Pole Education and Innovation" and they receive a salary from it.

  • Selection Procedure
  1. Lists of candidates who meet the qualifications’ selection
  2. Lists of evaluation according to the application and the criteria selection

  • Applications procedure:
  1. Deadlines for applications: Until 15/7/2013
  2. Applications submission: at

In case of acceptance, the participants' have the responsibility to provide certified copies of all the necessary documents before summer school starts.