Summer School on Organic Farming

The objective is to cover all issues related to organic production and education in the principles and practices of organic farming. Furthermore, the creation of an interactive educational program –specialized in viticulture and the production of wine- which will permit to new scientists and professionals in the agricultural sector to consolidate innovative management methods organic vineyards and explore the potential of the genetic material of the Ionian varieties. The program is addressed to students and graduates of agronomic faculties, as well as to graduates of schools of biological sciences who wish to be trained in organic farming, as well as to farmers or people involved in production, packaging and marketing of agricultural products.

Affiliated Departments – Institutes

TEI of Ionian Islands: Department of Organic Farming and Food Technology, Department of Environmental technology and Ecology, Department of Business Administration, Department of Communication and Public Relations, Department of Applications of Information Technology in Administration and Economy

University of Ioannina: School of Medicine

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki: Department of Agriculture

TEI of Crete: School of Agricultural Technology

Benaki Phytopathological Institute

National Institute of Agricultural Research of Chania

University of Newcastle (United Kingdom): School of Agriculture, Food and Rural Development