Creation of an Art and Education Center

The objective is to disseminate the cultural heritage of the Ionian Islands, attract artists and revive the artistic creation in the area. At the heart of this action is located the work and life of Constantinos Parthenis (1878 - 1967) who lived in the early 20th century in Pessada in Cephalonia; to highlight and promote the cultural wealth of the Ionian Islands of the fields of painting and sculpture, as well as to highlight the work of native living artists. The ultimate goal is that the project will attract students, artists etc. in the field of culture while at the same time the conditions for an artistic laboratory, the Art Center, will be established –for which an existing building may be used- by mobilizing local authorities for the promotion of the educational role of the Centre.

Our ambition is that the Center will become a pole of attraction for art lovers from all over the country (possibly along the lines of Andros island and the Museum of Contemporary Art) and for schools in the area, while in summertime the center can be evolved into a permanent laboratory of training and education for the students of the Department of Protection and Conservation of Cultural Heritage or of ASFA (Athens School of Fine Arts).

With regard to C. Parthenis, information for his work and his life will be collected (such as paintings, personal objects etc.) and it will be attempted to mark the house where he lived and which has been completely destroyed by the earthquake in Cephalonia, in order to proceed to the digital representation of the entire building. Moreover, the works of living artists coming from Cephalonia, Zante and Lefkada will be explored for an as detailed as possible listing, presentation and promotion, as well as of the traditional works of Ionian art (painting and sculpture) in order to increase interest in contemporary local community and in the students of local schools for art creation.

Furthermore, it will be attempted to highlight the cultural wealth of the Ionian Islands nationally and internationally in order to attract tourism and cultural and artistic interest. The project results will be used to complement other proposals that will be implemented under the program on the cultural wealth of the Ionian Islands aiming to enrich and satisfy their goals.

Affiliated Departments – Institutes

TEI of Ionian Islands

Athens School of Fine Arts (ASFA)

University of Ioannina: Department of History and Archaeology