Registration and dissemination of the traditional nutrition of Ionian Islands

The objective is to put down in record local recipes and products that are being used and to prepare a high speed training program in form of seminars addressed to local restaurateurs in Cephalonia, Zante and Lefkada with a view to highlighting the local cuisine and its use at local restaurants. Additionally, the creation label “traditional local cuisine” which will be put down to by a special committee to local restaurateurs and professionals who, after having participated successfully in the seminars, will follow the traditional recipes by using local products.

Affiliated Departments – Institutes

TEI of Ionian Islands: Department of Organic Farming and Food Technology, Department of Environmental Technology and Ecology, Department of Protection and Conservation of Cultural heritage

Agricultural University of Athens: Department of Crop Science, Department of Agricultural Economy

Harokopio University: Department of Dietetics and Nutritional Science

Panteion University: Department of Communications, Media and Culture