1.  Right of free fare will be provided to:

  1. Active students provided that they do not hold a Bachelor, Master or PhD degree.
  2. Registered as boarder students, who come from other Technological Educational Institutes of the national territory in relation to educational or research programs of collaboration.
  3. Registered as boarder students, who come from equivalent institutes in relation to educational or research programs of collaboration.
  4. Students who move temporarily from one Technological Educational Institutes to another of the national territory.
  5. Foreigner scholars from the Ministry of Education who are implementing undergraduate education.

  1.  Necessary documents for the Meal Card provision:

  1. Application form (provided by the Secretariat of the Departments)
  2. Two (2) photographs.
  3. Confirmation of students’ registration of the department they belong.
  4. Certified copy of the identity card.
  5. Certified certificate of their marital status.
  6. A formal declaration of the L. 1599/1986(A75) for their parents’ residence and the accuracy of the contents of the submitted documents.
  7. Document public authority showing the place of his residence (electricity or telephone bill).
  8. Certified copy of the income tax statement of the final year.
  9. Copy of the certified retirement from public authority (if any).

10. Certificate of Studies of other brothers/sisters (if any).

11. Certificate of the Higher Confederation for people having many children in Greece (if any).

12. Paper of divorced parents (if any).

13. Medical examination for students with disabilities.

14. Medical report for any sick parents.

15. Certificate of unemployment benefit by Manpower Employment Organization in which the students, his/her parents or his/her spouse are registered.

16. Death certificate of deceased parent (if any).

  • If the income tax statement of the last financial year has not been received, the tax return for the last financial year has to be submitted.
  • Underprivileged students who are not required to submit a tax return, will submit a declaration of law 1599/1986(A75) of no obligation to submit a tax statement.

  1.  Duration of Free Restaurant Facilities

Free restaurant facilities for the eligible students is daily provided at the restaurant of the Institute by showing the meal card, every day of the week from the 1st of September of each calendar year to the end of the spring semester exams and is interrupted only during the Christmas and Easter holidays as well as in the following cases of:

1. Conscription, and

2. Interruption of study, for as long as they last.

Free restaurant facilities may continue throughout the years of education increased by half.

The meal card will continue for one academic year and its use is solely allowed by the student - holder.

The submission of the documents, in certified copies, is realized by the student himself by demonstrating his student identity or by another person authorized by a public authority, throughout the mess allowance.

In case of losing the meal card, it is then reissued by submitting the same documents that have already been submitted previously by the student, via a declaration of law 1599/86.

The validity of the meal card given to students may be extended for the period September - October of the next academic year, after the decision of the Governing Board of the TEI of Ionian Islands.

  1.  Deadline for application for Free Restaurant Facilities:

The submission of the applications for free restaurant facilities will take place on the Secretariats of the Departments between 17/09/12 - 01/03/13 (end of the corrective statements of spring semester 2012-2013).

Please note that there will be no possibility of free restaurant facilities without obtaining the relevant card and, therefore, those who wish to obtain the Meal Card, should submit relevant documents no later than the 20th of October 2012.

The meal cards audit will start from 22th of October 2012 onwards.

The meal card of the academic year 2012/2013 will run until 31/10/2013.

  1.  Conditions and criteria specifications of Free Restaurant Facilities for the academic year 2012-2013

Students have to meet the following requirements:

1a) Students who are not married, employees or retirees’ children with a total family income of up to 45.000 euro. This requirement concerns families with only one child. For families with two or more children, this amount is increased by 5.000 euro, for each child apart from the first.

If more than one brothers/sisters fall within this category, this amount is increased by 3.000 euro for each one of them.

b) Married students with a total family income reported up to 45.000 euro. For family with many children, this amount is increased by 5.000 euro for every underage child.

c) Students who are not married and they are over 25 years whose annual personal income does not exceed 25.000 euro.

  1. Students with a brother/sister, active student of the first cycle of studies since he/she they do not hold a Bachelor, Master or PhD degree, studying at AEI or TEI, ASPETE, in a different city of residence from their parents’.
  2. Students who have lost one or both their parents if they have not exceeded the 25th year of age.
  3. Students who are single mothers, with at least one not legitimated child who has/have exceeded the 25th year of age.
  4. Students with parents, children, siblings, spouses who are blind or deaf or suffer from renal or muscular dystrophy Duchenne or disabled people with disabilities over 67%.
  5. People with serious illnesses as provided for by the Law 3794/2009 (a’ 156).
  6. Students, children victims of terrorism that have not exceeded the 25th year of age.

  • An annual family income is the total annual taxable real or imputed of the student, his parents and underage siblings from every source.

Cypriot students are examined exceptionally provided that they submit the special income paper from their country otherwise according to their income tax statement.