Scholarships Programs by TEI of Ionian Islands


TEI of Ionian Islands, after the unanimous decision of the Governing Board, is offering Scholarships programs to its students. The scholarships grant is essential to the students because of the economic crisis that forces them to stop their studies, even though being spiritually qualified, as neither their families nor the State can no longer support them.

For this reason, TEI of Ionian Islands invites every interested party, either individually or collectively on a professional level, to sponsor these scholarships, continuing the historical tradition of the Ionian Islands benefactors’ social sensitivity.

The scholarships cover either the postgraduate studies for the distinguished alumni of the Institute, either the undergraduate studies for the students that have the best marks in combination with socio-economic criteria.

Sponsorships start from 1.000 € and reach up to 10.000 € as follows:

1.000 €: Sponsor

2.000 €: Silver Sponsor

5.000 €: Gold Sponsor

10.000 €: Diamond Sponsor

Following is the list of the Sponsors:

  • Cephalonia Fish Hatcheries (Diamond sponsor)
  • Chamber of Cephalonia and Ithaca (Sponsor)