Student Services

Student Services

Books and teaching notes are provided to the students for free, as well as scholarships according to their performance at their studies and depending on their economic situation. The students of TEI of Ionian Islands are provided with feeding, housing, loans and full medical care subject to certain conditions. The benefits of the student welfare continue for two additional years beyond the normal duration of studies.

Student status is acquired by registering in the Department and lasts until graduation. For the suspension of the status and its consequences applies existing legislation. Registration must be realized within the deadlines announced by the Department’s Secretariat. The Secretariat also informs in regard to the necessary documents for the students’ registration. Registration is renewed by filling in a special form.

Medical Services

(According to no.185/84, Gov.61/8.5.84 τ.Α’ Presidential Decree)

Brief overview: The right to health of every Greek citizen constitutes the State’s guiding principle which was launched by the National Health Service (NHS) and now by this Decree the same notion of full and free provision of medical and hospital care to the students is also being diffused.

The students of TEI and those who are not insured with another major insurer are eligible for free medical examination, hospital, pharmacy and dental care, investigations, physiotherapy, optical and orthopedics and even childbirth grant for female students who may give birth. These benefits are offered to students by doctors contracted with the Greek State, from public or private hospitals within the territory of  TEI and for those who are studying away from home or even from the TEI due to educational reasons, by doctors or hospitals abroad, in case of emergency, as well.


The tax authority shall pay a rent allowance of 1000 Euros to undergraduate students directly proportional to the Faculty’s academic years. They are not entitled to the allowance those studying for the second degree.

Students who have successfully passed a number of courses in the previous academic exams are entitled to a housing benefit equal to at least half the total number of previous academic courses, even if these do not belong to the curriculum of the previous academic year and, instead, to previous or subsequent semesters.

Date of grant of the benefit: from 1/1 to 31/3 of every year.