Educational Actions to disseminate the results of standardization - identification of the key characteristics of Ionian wines

The objective is the activities of identification and standardization of the main local wines (varieties Robola of Cephalonia, Verdea of Zante and Vertsami of Lefkada) in order to foster the designation, the dissemination of information on local producers and traders and the improvement of the quality of local wines and grape musts by creating a core of trained winegrowers who will contribute to the maintenance and dissemination of local vineyards and will promote the products’ quality. The creation of a pilot educational vineyard is also planned at the cultivation area of Robola in Cephalonia for the practical training of farmers and TEI students. Finally, an annually program of summer education is also planned.

Affiliated Departments – Institutes

TEI of Ionian Islands: Department of Organic Farming and Food Technology, Department of Environmental Technology and Ecology

University of Newcastle (United Kingdom): School of Agriculture, Food and Rural Development

University of Basilicata (Italy): Department of Sciences of the Systems Crops, Forest and Environment

Agro-industrial cooperation of producers of Robola in Cephalonia

Agricultural cooperation of Grapeproducers of Robola in Cephalonia