Educational activities to enhance the cultural wealth of Ionian Islands

The objective is to implement an educational program regarding the cultural environment of the Ionian Islands and the simultaneous display of alternative tourism attraction, a total of educational activities towards the local community, as well as activities of general information and dissemination, while additionally the use of computer technology and data entry in an online platform to provide distance-learning courses to Summer School participants. Also, lectures and laboratories that will take place will be designed to meet the evolving needs of local entrepreneurs with a further intention of a sustainable tourism development.

Affiliated Department – Institutes

TEI of Ionian Islands: Department of Protection and Conservation of Cultural Heritage, Department of Environmental Technology and Ecology, Department of Organic Farming and Food Technology

University of Piraeus: Department of Informatics

Athens School of Fine Arts: Multimedia Research Laboratory

TEI of Athens: Department of Informatics

University of Limoge (France)

PRES (Research Center and Higher Education, France): Centre Atlantique