Creation of an online training platform for the waste management in the Ionian Islands

TEI of Ionian Islands, within the framework of the "Lifelong education for the waste management from the agricultural and industrial sector in the Ionian Islands", which is included in the Act “TEI of Ionian Islands as an international pole of education and innovation", is implementing an online educational platform for the lifelong education and information for entrepreneurs (primary and secondary production sector) involved in the Ionian Islands, in waste management and reduce of the environmental impact of their businesses, using new methods and technologies.

Informative seminars will be held in order to use the aforementioned educational portal.

The educational platform will contribute to the ongoing and updated information to those interested and to the local community on issues related to waste management in the primary and secondary sectors, on the new legal framework for environmental authorization and cutting-edge technologies to reduce environmental impact, protect the special island ecosystems and the sustainable development.

Pavlos Bouchagier

Assistant Professor

Scientific Coordinator of the Action

The project is implemented under the Act "The Technological Educational Institute of Ionian Islands as an International Pole of Education and Innovation" of the Operational Programme "Education and Lifelong Learning" and is funded by the European Union (European Social Fund-ESF) and by national resources.