Seminar on Standardization of local wines in Argostoli

An important seminar on the specific Eptanesian wine varieties (Robola of Cephalonia, Verdea of Zante and Vertzami of Lefkada) will take place on Monday September 30th at 19:00 in the Amphitheatre of the Department of Food Technology (Antonis Tritsis Ave., Argostoli).

The seminar is being organized as part of the training activities to disseminate the results of standardization - identification of the key characteristics of the basic Eptanesian wines and it is addressed to anyone interested in the local wines of the Ionian Islands and especially to those practicing vinification.

There will be presented the results of studies of the Laboratory of Microbiology and Food Control of the Department of Food Technology (Responsible professor: Assistant Professor Euphemia Iriotou) regarding the isolation, identification and selection of strains of the yeast S. cerevisiae by the indigenous strains of yeast present in the local grapes of the three islands.

Given that a lot of vinifications are being realized with yeast found in commerce, the local varieties lose much of their special aromas and characteristics. Based on studies of the Department of Food Technology, can now be produced yeasts to retain the full, original, "old" fragrances of the three Eptanesian varieties and under modern winemaking methods.

The use of such topical yeast will help to highlight the particular wine «terroir» ( of local character) of Cephalonia, Zante and Lefkada having as a result both a wider communication between public and wine specialists and the expansion of their commercial impact.

The project is implemented under the Act "The Technological Educational Institute of Ionian Islands as an International Pole of Education and Innovation" of the Operational Programme "Education and Lifelong Learning" and is funded by the European Union (European Social Fund-ESF) and by national resources.