International Workshop on Seismic Hazard And Earthquake Engineering

The TECHNOLOGICAL EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE of IONIAN ISLANDS of Greece, after the strong earthquakes of January 26th (M=6.1) and February 3rd (M=5.8) of the present year, that struck the Central and Western part of Cephalonia Island, is organizing an INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP on SEISMIC HAZARD AND EARTHQUAKE ENGINEERING that is going to take place on Wednesday 24th and Thursday 25th of September 2014, at Argostoli city in Cephalonia Island.

In the Workshop, an organized exchange of scientific and technical points of view and competent discussions will take place among worldwide eminent scientists on Seismology, Engineering Seismology, Geotechnics and Earthquake Engineering, in order to find out and express problems and deficiencies, as well as to compile proposals for ameliorating the earthquake resistant response of structures from any point of view. Under the term structure it is meant not only the load bearing system of buildings them, but also the secondary non bearing elements, their content, any type of geotechnical structure, retaining wall, slopes stability

Further, during the Workshop, efforts will be made in order to express the limits and the parameters that restrict the said amelioration, as well as problems that result from the difficulty in communication among the respective disciplines.

On this line, the recent Cephalonia earthquakes, and many other earthquakes around Greece and the globe, present quite a few examples for consideration.

The Workshop will be carried out in English language.

The total duration of the Workshop is planned to be 12 up to 14 hours during those two days (4 hours in the morning and 2 to 3 hours in the afternoon).

In the workshop will participate in total 17 scientists, 14 Greek and 3 from abroad, well known in the fields of Seismology, Geotechnical Engineering and Earthquake Engineering.

The Workshop is open to attendance by any one interested. Upon the end of the presentations, a minimum time is provided for questions to the scientists in the panel.