Liaison Office

The creation of the Liaison Office and the Sub-offices of TEI Ionian Islands stimulates the region and enhances the productive authorities of the region in finding skilled personnel in certain disciplines. Moreover, it faces the connection problems of the academic community with the labor market, with a major goal to prepare students and graduates to join the labor market and tackle unemployment of young graduates. This is mainly due to lack of information on supply and demand for labor regarding both the quantitative data and the skills and abilities of graduates of the Institute.

For this reason, the Liaison Office:

  • ·Informs the graduates for available jobs and provides with general information about the activity of enterprises and economic units of our country.
  • ·Informs students and graduates for postgraduate programs in Greece and abroad about available scholarships and future training.
  • ·Informs businesses and organizations for their specialized knowledge and skills of the graduates of TEI.
  • ·Provides career counseling on vocational, educational and management issues of personal problems or crises within and outside the place of work that are part of a learning process.

More specifically, the main objective of the Liaison Office is the information that provides regarding the possibilities of graduate study and / or sources of funding (scholarships or part-time wages, working while studying), the promotion of partnerships of the educational community that the labor market diffusion of knowledge have practical effect, which could be a feedback on the educational programs of TEI Ionian Islands, offering students an organized way, the opportunity to learn about the environment of their future career and acquire specialized knowledge and skills that will allow them to pursue better terms with their position in the professional arena. Collaboration, networking and connecting with other Liaison Offices and Institutes domestic and abroad as well as accredited employment promotion is one of the Liaison Office´s main activities.

Furthermore, the Liaison Office is seeking to determine the particularities of the region where the Institute operates in order to develop relative curricula, guidelines, specializations, postgraduate students. The Liaison Office of TEI Ionian Islands was established in order to benefit from the operation of at least 1.100 students who will learn about topics related to educational and career guidance, personal support and information on general services. In addition, the Liaison Office has already collaborated with a large number of enterprises, institutions and organizations to establish a working relationship in terms of a. job positions and b. participation in career workshops.

Along with these activities, a secondary objective of the Liaison Office is to extend all network activities that have been developed or will be developed by the Liaison Office (through institutions that promote employment, organizations, enterprises, other institutes etc.) in order to include networking with respective institutions, organizations and institutes at international level. Finally, the Liaison Office conducts studies on issues such as monitoring the graduates of TEI, the labor market and its characteristics as well as conducting follow-up studies on vulnerable groups of TEI Ionian Islands that highlight key employment issues of young people who enter the production process.