Investigation and promotion of the comparative advantages of the Ionian Islands

The objective is to investigate, promote and research new development possibilities of the area of the Ionian Sea on the basis of comparative advantages of the region. The project aims to register and present in details the local advantages (production, environmental, economic, educational and other) of the Ionian Islands as they result according to the characteristics of the region. This will contribute to the prominence of possible development perspectives of the region at the basis of their economic and productive exploitation with a viable and sustainable way. The conclusions of the project will be published and disseminated electronically to the local community. For the purposes of the project, the results and conclusions of other proposals that will be implemented within the framework of the program will be taken into account while the final results of the project will also be disseminated to the coordinators of other projects in progress in order to make optimum utilization of the conclusions / findings of the present project.