Student life in a multi-insular Institute: The student of the TEI of Ionian Island

The objective is to study the overall presence and activities of the students of the Ionian Islands Institute, regarding both their student life as well as their everyday life. First of all, the attendance at the Departments of the TEI of Ionian Islands will be analyzed and proposals will be set out for increasing the level of attendance of students through investigating and studying good practices that had been implemented at other Institutes abroad. Part of the project will reflect the conditions needed in order to facilitate students’ life on a daily basis (feeding issues, student welfare etc.) and conditions and ways of more creative student activities (such as organizing concerts and events of special character and purpose, contact with other Ionian islands etc) will be also examined. For the project scope, a primary research will take place in the Technological Educational Institute of Ionian Islands and specific policy proposals will be undertaken mainly by the administration of the TEI of Ionian Islands in order to improve student life in the area, encourage students’ presence in the local community, as well as to attract new students.