Seminar in Lefkada in order to manage the invasive plant species Ailanthus by TEI of Ionian Islands

Following the very successful launch in Kefalonia, the Department of Applications of Information Technology in Administration and Economy and the Department of Organic Farming and Food Technology of TEI of Ionian Islands organize in Lefkada a training seminar with the subject:

Managing the invasive plant species Ailanthus

(Ailanthus altissima)

The seminar will be held on Monday, July 9th, 2012 at 19:30, at the Department of Applications of Information Technology in Administration and Economy (Building of Theories, Hall A6, Philosophon and Tzeveleki, Lefkada). The course is addressed to geotechnicians, and also to anyone interested in the ecological balance of the Ionian Islands, hence the invitation is open to all members and the local community. Participants will be granted with a certificate of attendance.

As part of the seminar will be presented and analyzed the first results of relevant research and will provide guidelines for the treatment of this dangerous invasive species. These findings are part of the overall research activity of the scientists of the Department regarding the Assessment of the environmental deterioration of the group of the Ionian Islands by invasive plant species. It is a global problem, which so far has not received due attention, as this "invasion" in the local ecosystem, especially in residential areas, leads not only to the loss of the ecological balance and environmental degradation, but also to the degradation of the residents’s quality of life.


Scientific Manager: Pavlos Bouchagier, Assistant Professor.

The project is implemented under the Act "The Technological Educational Institute of Ionian Islands as an International Pole of Education and Innovation" of the Operational Programme "Education and Lifelong Learning" and it is funded by the European Union (European Social Fund-ESF) and by national resources.