Summer Schools

Summers Schools are a consistent educational initiative of TEI of Ionian Islands with three purposes: the effective use and promotion of scientific work elaborated by the Institute, the expansion of its cooperation with Greek and foreign universities, research institutes and social organizations, and more profound relations with the local community of the Ionian Islands. Summer Schools offer to students (scientists and professionals associated with each object) the opportunity to connect with the latest developments in the field of research or / and occupation and to follow scientists and prestigious specialists from Greece and abroad.


 Summer Schools 2013


 Summer Schools 2012

 Summer Schools 2011 

 Summer School on Dynamics and Management of Mediterranean Marine Environment 


 Summer School on Management of Media, with emphasis on new digital media


 Summer School on integrated environmental planning in the island environment


 Educational activities and Consulting on Social Economy


 Summer School on Organic Farming


 Summer School on Sustainable Tourism Development in Insular Coastal Protected Areas


 Educational activities on the dissemination of the results of standardization - identification of the key characteristics of Ionian wines


 Educational activities to enhance the cultural wealth of Ionian Islands